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vp9 resize_test: Enable resize_allowed in real-time ExternalResize test.

For dynamic resizing (whether the new codec size is determined internally
or externally set by user), we should for now keep rc.resize_allowed enabled.
This prevent the use of referene_masking for real-time mode
(in set_rt_speed_feature()).

Change-Id: Ibb7c3ff35be88afdf1a3c6db6693521766f177a3
parent 0ae42ee1
......@@ -387,8 +387,6 @@ class ResizeRealtimeTest : public ::libvpx_test::EncoderTest,
TEST_P(ResizeRealtimeTest, TestExternalResizeWorks) {
ResizingVideoSource video;
// Disable internal resize for this test.
cfg_.rc_resize_allowed = 0;
change_bitrate_ = false;
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