Commit b28b78cd authored by Jonathan Matthews's avatar Jonathan Matthews
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Bugfix: Insert missing bracket

Introduced in Change-Id I06b8b75b667bb1bc4ddffc78f895e48a09f4c578


Change-Id: Ic261617fced9d211a93c075bff2e2b4771de98fc
parent 374a5907
......@@ -3016,7 +3016,7 @@ const aom_cdf_prob
{ AOM_ICDF(7040), AOM_ICDF(9553), AOM_ICDF(11457), AOM_ICDF(15102),
AOM_ICDF(20291), AOM_ICDF(21280), AOM_ICDF(22985), AOM_ICDF(24475),
AOM_ICDF(26613), AOM_ICDF(32768), 0 },
{ AOM_ICDF(6528, AOM_ICDF(10423), AOM_ICDF(12605), AOM_ICDF(14621),
{ AOM_ICDF(6528), AOM_ICDF(10423), AOM_ICDF(12605), AOM_ICDF(14621),
AOM_ICDF(19031), AOM_ICDF(21505), AOM_ICDF(24585), AOM_ICDF(27558),
AOM_ICDF(29532), AOM_ICDF(32768), 0 },
{ AOM_ICDF(6016), AOM_ICDF(11659), AOM_ICDF(14463), AOM_ICDF(18867),
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