Commit b2f32d81 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies
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Make EXT_TILE work with EC_ADAPT.

Use tile contexts for coding in the EXT_TILE case too.

Change-Id: Iab7982682dfb8615d2f6af7c03d92c6910536bc9
parent 439f2309
......@@ -3949,7 +3949,10 @@ static uint32_t write_tiles(AV1_COMP *const cpi, uint8_t *const dst,
const TOKENEXTRA *tok = tok_buffers[tile_row][tile_col];
const TOKENEXTRA *tok_end = tok + cpi->tok_count[tile_row][tile_col];
const int data_offset = have_tiles ? 4 : 0;
const int tile_idx = tile_row * tile_cols + tile_col;
TileDataEnc *this_tile = &cpi->tile_data[tile_idx];
av1_tile_set_row(&tile_info, cm, tile_row);
buf->data = dst + total_size;
......@@ -3957,6 +3960,11 @@ static uint32_t write_tiles(AV1_COMP *const cpi, uint8_t *const dst,
// Is CONFIG_EXT_TILE = 1, every tile in the row has a header,
// even for the last one, unless no tiling is used at all.
total_size += data_offset;
// Initialise tile context from the frame context
this_tile->tctx = *cm->fc;
cpi->td.mb.e_mbd.tile_ctx = &this_tile->tctx;
aom_start_encode(&mode_bc, buf->data + data_offset);
write_modes(cpi, &tile_info, &mode_bc, &tok, tok_end);
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