Commit b3363561 authored by hkuang's avatar hkuang

Revert "Revert 3 patches from Hangyu to get Chrome to build:"

This patch reverts the previous revert from Jim and also add a
variable user_priv in the FrameWorker to save the user_priv
passed from the application. In the decoder_get_frame function,
the user_priv will be binded with the img. This change is needed
or it will fail the unit test added here:

This reverts commit 9be46e45.

Change-Id: I376d9a12ee196faffdf3c792b59e6137c56132c1
parent 5e7242df
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
#include <string>
#include "third_party/googletest/src/include/gtest/gtest.h"
#include "./vpx_config.h"
#include "test/acm_random.h"
#include "test/codec_factory.h"
#include "test/decode_test_driver.h"
#include "test/ivf_video_source.h"
......@@ -22,17 +23,27 @@
#include "test/webm_video_source.h"
#include "vpx_mem/vpx_mem.h"
#include "vpx/vp8.h"
namespace {
using std::string;
using libvpx_test::ACMRandom;
void CheckUserPrivateData(void *user_priv, int *target) {
// actual pointer value should be the same as expected.
EXPECT_EQ(reinterpret_cast<void *>(target), user_priv) <<
"user_priv pointer value does not match.";
// Decodes |filename|. Passes in user_priv data when calling DecodeFrame and
// compares the user_priv from return img with the original user_priv to see if
// they match. Both the pointer values and the values inside the addresses
// should match.
string DecodeFile(const string &filename) {
ACMRandom rnd(ACMRandom::DeterministicSeed());
libvpx_test::WebMVideoSource video(filename);
......@@ -41,7 +52,8 @@ string DecodeFile(const string &filename) {
libvpx_test::MD5 md5;
int frame_num = 0;
for (video.Begin(); video.cxdata(); video.Next()) {
for (video.Begin(); !::testing::Test::HasFailure() && video.cxdata();
video.Next()) {
void *user_priv = reinterpret_cast<void *>(&frame_num);
const vpx_codec_err_t res =
decoder.DecodeFrame(video.cxdata(), video.frame_size(),
......@@ -56,16 +68,17 @@ string DecodeFile(const string &filename) {
// Get decompressed data.
while ((img = dec_iter.Next())) {
if (frame_num == 0) {
// user_priv pointer value should be the same.
EXPECT_EQ(img->user_priv, reinterpret_cast<void *>(NULL)) <<
"user_priv pointer value does not match.";
CheckUserPrivateData(img->user_priv, NULL);
} else {
// user_priv pointer value should be the same.
EXPECT_EQ(img->user_priv, reinterpret_cast<void *>(&frame_num)) <<
"user_priv pointer value does not match.";
// value in user_priv pointer should also be the same.
EXPECT_EQ(*reinterpret_cast<int *>(img->user_priv), frame_num) <<
"Value in user_priv does not match.";
CheckUserPrivateData(img->user_priv, &frame_num);
// Also test ctrl_get_reference api.
struct vp9_ref_frame ref;
// Randomly fetch a reference frame.
ref.idx = rnd.Rand8() % 3;
decoder.Control(VP9_GET_REFERENCE, &ref);
CheckUserPrivateData(ref.img.user_priv, &frame_num);
......@@ -210,7 +210,10 @@ static void swap_frame_buffers(VP9Decoder *pbi) {
cm->frame_to_show = get_frame_new_buffer(cm);
if (!pbi->frame_parallel_decode || !cm->show_frame) {
// Invalidate these references until the next frame starts.
for (ref_index = 0; ref_index < 3; ref_index++)
......@@ -239,7 +242,9 @@ int vp9_receive_compressed_data(VP9Decoder *pbi,
// Check if the previous frame was a frame without any references to it.
if (cm->new_fb_idx >= 0 && cm->frame_bufs[cm->new_fb_idx].ref_count == 0)
// Release frame buffer if not decoding in frame parallel mode.
if (!pbi->frame_parallel_decode && cm->new_fb_idx >= 0
&& cm->frame_bufs[cm->new_fb_idx].ref_count == 0)
cm->new_fb_idx = get_free_fb(cm);
......@@ -40,6 +40,23 @@ typedef struct VP9LfSyncData {
int sync_range;
} VP9LfSync;
// WorkerData for the FrameWorker thread. It contains all the information of
// the worker and decode structures for decoding a frame.
typedef struct FrameWorkerData {
struct VP9Decoder *pbi;
const uint8_t *data;
const uint8_t *data_end;
size_t data_size;
void *user_priv;
int result;
int worker_id;
// scratch_buffer is used in frame parallel mode only.
// It is used to make a copy of the compressed data.
uint8_t *scratch_buffer;
size_t scratch_buffer_size;
} FrameWorkerData;
// Allocate memory for loopfilter row synchronization.
void vp9_loop_filter_alloc(struct VP9Common *cm, VP9LfSync *lf_sync,
int rows, int width);
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