Commit b4ab43f1 authored by Mike Frysinger's avatar Mike Frysinger Committed by Johann
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do not error out on generic-gnu + --enable-shared

If you build with --enabled-shared on a Linux arch not explicitly
listed, the configure script will abort because it didn't detect
"linux" in the fallback generic-gnu tuple.

Since this is the fallback tuple and people are passing
--enable-shared, assume the user knows what they're in for.

Change-Id: Ia35b657e7247c8855e3a94fca424c9884d4241e3
parent ff61cbc5
......@@ -454,7 +454,13 @@ process_detect() {
# Can only build shared libs on a subset of platforms. Doing this check
# here rather than at option parse time because the target auto-detect
# magic happens after the command line has been parsed.
enabled linux || die "--enable-shared only supported on ELF for now"
if ! enabled linux; then
if enabled gnu; then
echo "--enable-shared is only supported on ELF; assuming this is OK"
die "--enable-shared only supported on ELF for now"
if [ -z "$CC" ]; then
echo "Bypassing toolchain for environment detection."
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