Commit b501251e authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi
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Update to cyclic refresh:

Set the seg map to 0 for key frame.

In previous commit on cyclic refresh, the seg map for key frame
was not reset, and instead used the seg map from last frame.

Change-Id: I848eb2face420dfcd2f7daca6f070b9127ca938b
parent 5979b89b
......@@ -458,11 +458,12 @@ static void cyclic_background_refresh(VP8_COMP *cpi, int Q, int lf_adjustment)
cpi->cyclic_refresh_q = Q / 2;
// Set every macroblock to be eligible for update.
// For key frame this will reset seg map to 0.
vpx_memset(cpi->segmentation_map, 0, mbs_in_frame);
if (cpi->common.frame_type != KEY_FRAME)
// set every macroblock to eligible for update
vpx_memset(cpi->segmentation_map, 0, mbs_in_frame);
/* Cycle through the macro_block rows */
/* MB loop to set local segmentation map */
i = cpi->cyclic_refresh_mode_index;
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