Commit b615a6d4 authored by Adrian Grange's avatar Adrian Grange
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Third set of checks of buffer level against maximum buffer size

Additional check of buffer level to ensure it doesn't exceed the
maximum buffer size.

Change-Id: I1ba4f8b09bbec89646885040ff47470196af521e
parent fa25a31e
......@@ -990,6 +990,8 @@ static void calc_pframe_target_size(VP8_COMP *cpi)
// Update the buffer level variable.
cpi->bits_off_target += cpi->av_per_frame_bandwidth;
if (cpi->bits_off_target > cpi->oxcf.maximum_buffer_size)
cpi->bits_off_target = cpi->oxcf.maximum_buffer_size;
cpi->buffer_level = cpi->bits_off_target;
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