Commit b627af0e authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by James Bankoski

vp9_loopfilter.c: Todo try inloop calculation.

This is implemented in the decoder already.  Will add a todo for the

Change-Id: I5e78c045cb2edb5ba171022aeeb70051a708b916
parent 8a906039
......@@ -971,9 +971,6 @@ void vp9_setup_mask(VP9_COMMON *const cm, const int mi_row, const int mi_col,
assert(mip[0] != NULL);
// TODO(jimbankoski): Try moving most of the following code into decode
// loop and storing lfm in the mbmi structure so that we don't have to go
// through the recursive loop structure multiple times.
switch (mip[0]->sb_type) {
case BLOCK_64X64:
build_masks(lfi_n, mip[0] , 0, 0, lfm);
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