Commit b8395a87 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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dct4x4_test: add missing avx2 functions

exercises the forward transforms
no idct/iht implementations, so the c-code is used

Change-Id: I88c11ac37ac6456de9b4b3ec5da059faf4ad6066
parent b9a569da
...@@ -376,4 +376,19 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P( ...@@ -376,4 +376,19 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(
make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_sse2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_sse2, 3))); make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_sse2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_sse2, 3)));
#endif #endif
AVX2, Trans4x4DCT,
&vp9_idct4x4_16_add_c, 0)));
AVX2, Trans4x4HT,
make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_avx2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_c, 0),
make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_avx2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_c, 1),
make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_avx2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_c, 2),
make_tuple(&vp9_fht4x4_avx2, &vp9_iht4x4_16_add_c, 3)));
} // namespace } // namespace
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