Commit b8b2a0ec authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Remove b_mode_info structure

This structure was designed for sub8x8 blocks. It is deprecated as
cb4x4 lands.

Change-Id: Ied1dbc3fba4c503c00c59cb749e8ddc1ed2b580e
parent ec2fbea8
......@@ -183,13 +183,6 @@ static INLINE int is_masked_compound_type(COMPOUND_TYPE type) {
modes for the Y blocks to the left and above us; for interframes, there
is a single probability table. */
typedef struct {
int_mv as_mv[2]; // first, second inter predictor motion vectors
int_mv pred_mv[2];
int_mv ref_mv[2];
} b_mode_info;
typedef int8_t MV_REFERENCE_FRAME;
typedef struct {
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