Commit b997b6a5 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang Committed by Urvang Joshi
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Set up eob_ctx for TX64X64 properly


Change-Id: Ibbb448e217ae1dd9a096c23d01b08c9804583003
parent c11c1c99
......@@ -508,15 +508,20 @@ static INLINE int get_nz_map_ctx(const uint8_t *const levels,
static INLINE int get_eob_ctx(const int coeff_idx, // raster order
const TX_SIZE txs_ctx, const TX_TYPE tx_type) {
int offset = 0;
if (txs_ctx == TX_4X4) return offset + av1_coeff_band_4x4[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_8X8) return offset + av1_coeff_band_8x8[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_16X16) return offset + av1_coeff_band_16x16[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_32X32) return offset + av1_coeff_band_32x32[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_4X4) return av1_coeff_band_4x4[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_8X8) return av1_coeff_band_8x8[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_16X16) return av1_coeff_band_16x16[coeff_idx];
if (txs_ctx == TX_32X32) return av1_coeff_band_32x32[coeff_idx];
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
// Since TX64X64 use 32x32 coeff buffer, so it share the same coeff_band with
// TX32X32
if (txs_ctx == TX_64X64) return av1_coeff_band_32x32[coeff_idx];
#endif // CONFIG_TX64X64
assert(0 && "Invalid value of txs_ctx");
return 0;
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