Commit bc2e01c9 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies
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Clarify comments on kf_y_cdf to explain usage.


Change-Id: Idf39c702dfee4fe35f2b0e768cf60f27ed7db08b
parent 84d35995
......@@ -5725,6 +5725,8 @@ void av1_average_tile_inter_cdfs(AV1_COMMON *cm, FRAME_CONTEXT *fc,
/* NB: kf_y_cdf is discarded after use, so no need
for backwards update */
if (cm->interp_filter == SWITCHABLE) {
......@@ -310,8 +310,10 @@ typedef struct frame_contexts {
aom_cdf_prob switchable_interp_cdf[SWITCHABLE_FILTER_CONTEXTS]
/* Keep track of kf_y_cdf here, as this makes handling
multiple copies for adaptation in tiles easier */
/* kf_y_cdf is discarded after use, so does not require persistent storage.
However, we keep it with the other CDFs in this struct since it needs to
be copied to each tile to support parallelism just like the others.
aom_cdf_prob tx_size_cdf[MAX_TX_DEPTH][TX_SIZE_CONTEXTS]
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