Commit c03ae7d9 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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Add a TODO

Change-Id: I16bf93d40e9b345705b49bf09dd4b6996b513a83
parent 13e20b83
......@@ -288,7 +288,6 @@ struct is_skippable_args {
int *skippable;
static void is_skippable(int plane, int block,
BLOCK_SIZE plane_bsize, TX_SIZE tx_size,
void *argv) {
......@@ -298,6 +297,8 @@ static void is_skippable(int plane, int block,
args->skippable[0] &= (!args->x->plane[plane].eobs[block]);
// TODO(yaowu): rewrite and optimize this function to remove the usage of
// vp9_foreach_transform_block() and simplify is_skippable().
int vp9_is_skippable_in_plane(MACROBLOCK *x, BLOCK_SIZE bsize, int plane) {
int result = 1;
struct is_skippable_args args = {x, &result};
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