Commit c0e55de0 authored by Wei-ting Lin's avatar Wei-ting Lin
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Fix a bug for multi_arf_allowed

The ARF Index was wrong when updating the upsampled reference
frame buffer.

Compared to the baseline in which multi_arf_allowed is disabled, the
RD performance drops 2.250% in Avg using Overall PSNR in the derf
dataset. The performance decrease is especially in the following
video sequences:

foreman_cif: drops 7.489%
husky_cif: drops 6.421%
soccer_cif: drops 4.850%

However, it has a significant gain in the following video sequences:

container_cif: increases 8.043%
harbour_cif: increases 1.332%

Change-Id: I02472909eb34bd070d7544f57383e72559fa42b3
parent 66796083
......@@ -3504,7 +3504,7 @@ void vp10_update_reference_frames(VP10_COMP *cpi) {
&cm->ref_frame_map[arf_idx], cm->new_fb_idx);
if (use_upsampled_ref)
&cpi->upsampled_ref_idx[cpi->alt_fb_idx], new_uidx);
&cpi->upsampled_ref_idx[arf_idx], new_uidx);
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