Commit c1a13998 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies Committed by Jean-Marc Valin
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Exclude decode_to_md5 test from

Running this test in Jenkins causes all but trivial changesets to
fail unless the hash is changed. Other changes in master
can meanwhile cause the hash to be out of date by the time
of merge even if it is changed, so rebases of previously
passing changesets will then fail again.

Change-Id: I4ee5010ceec85da7eedd8ada2d171f64a92491c1
parent ba502326
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
example_tests=$(ls $(dirname $0)/*.sh)
# List of script names to exclude.
exclude_list="examples tools_common"
exclude_list="examples tools_common decode_to_md5"
# Filter out the scripts in $exclude_list.
for word in ${exclude_list}; do
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