Commit c20176e5 authored by Steinar Midtskogen's avatar Steinar Midtskogen
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Remove ASM_REGISTER_STATE_CHECK when testing v64/v128/v256 intrinsics

Since the tested functions are always forced inline in regular use,
ASM_REGISTER_STATE_CHECK doesn't make sense on this level (the test
should rather be applied to unit tests checking functions making use
of these inlined functions).  The test fails on Win64 because the
Win64 ABI requires xmm6 to xmm15 to be preserved across function
calls, but the ABI is only relevant for non-inlined functions.


Change-Id: Icb795083f69465cf09ec8f6871899943efaeaab8
parent 7dcd7f5e
......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@
#include <string>
#include "./aom_dsp_rtcd.h"
#include "test/acm_random.h"
#include "test/register_state_check.h"
#include "aom_dsp/aom_simd.h"
#define SIMD_INLINE static // Don't enforce inlining
......@@ -743,8 +742,8 @@ int CompareSimd1Arg(fptr store, fptr load, fptr simd, void *d, fptr c_store,
CRet (*const my_c_simd)(CArg) = (CRet(*const)(CArg))c_simd;
// Call reference and intrinsic
ASM_REGISTER_STATE_CHECK(my_c_store(ref_d, my_c_simd(my_c_load(a))));
ASM_REGISTER_STATE_CHECK(my_store(d, my_simd(my_load(a))));
my_c_store(ref_d, my_c_simd(my_c_load(a)));
my_store(d, my_simd(my_load(a)));
// Compare results
return memcmp(ref_d, d, sizeof(CRet));
......@@ -767,9 +766,8 @@ int CompareSimd2Args(fptr store, fptr load1, fptr load2, fptr simd, void *d,
CRet (*const my_c_simd)(CArg1, CArg2) = (CRet(*const)(CArg1, CArg2))c_simd;
// Call reference and intrinsic
my_c_store(ref_d, my_c_simd(my_c_load1(a), my_c_load2(b))));
ASM_REGISTER_STATE_CHECK(my_store(d, my_simd(my_load1(a), my_load2(b))));
my_c_store(ref_d, my_c_simd(my_c_load1(a), my_c_load2(b)));
my_store(d, my_simd(my_load1(a), my_load2(b)));
// Compare results
return memcmp(ref_d, d, sizeof(CRet));
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