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Delete outdated comment & tidy-up others

Change-Id: I83031180723ee59270ec8fb66b2f73c0796bee25
parent 69b68427
......@@ -39,17 +39,12 @@ typedef int8_t vp9_tree_index;
typedef const vp9_tree_index vp9_tree[];
/* Convert array of token occurrence counts into a table of probabilities
for the associated binary encoding tree. Also writes count of branches
taken for each node on the tree; this facilitiates decisions as to
probability updates. */
static INLINE vp9_prob clip_prob(int p) {
return (p > 255) ? 255u : (p < 1) ? 1u : p;
// int64 is not needed for normal frame level calculations.
// However when outputing entropy stats accumulated over many frames
// However when outputting entropy stats accumulated over many frames
// or even clips we can overflow int math.
static INLINE vp9_prob get_prob(int num, int den) {
......@@ -65,7 +60,7 @@ static INLINE vp9_prob get_binary_prob(int n0, int n1) {
return get_prob(n0, n0 + n1);
/* this function assumes prob1 and prob2 are already within [1,255] range */
/* This function assumes prob1 and prob2 are already within [1,255] range. */
static INLINE vp9_prob weighted_prob(int prob1, int prob2, int factor) {
return ROUND_POWER_OF_TWO(prob1 * (256 - factor) + prob2 * factor, 8);
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