Commit c725ad37 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Remove set_scale_factors call

We could remove calling set_scale_factors() since it is also
done in set_refs() right after vp9_decode_mb_mode_mv() call in

Change-Id: I9e62c90ffb770240987cd42815786567261b5d97
parent 407eb03a
......@@ -862,9 +862,6 @@ void vp9_decode_mb_mode_mv(VP9D_COMP* const pbi,
kfread_modes(pbi, mi, mi_row, mi_col, r);
} else {
read_mb_modes_mv(pbi, mi, &mi->mbmi, mi_row, mi_col, r);
mi->mbmi.ref_frame - 1, mi->mbmi.second_ref_frame - 1,
if (1) {
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