Commit c731d6a4 authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Fixing Mac OS build."

parents d76ef3e0 980abf60
......@@ -696,7 +696,7 @@ add_proto qw/unsigned int vp9_mse8x8/, "const uint8_t *src_ptr, int source_stri
specialize qw/vp9_mse8x8/, "$sse2_x86inc";
add_proto qw/unsigned int vp9_get_mb_ss/, "const int16_t *";
specialize qw/vp9_get_mb_ss sse2/;
specialize qw/vp9_get_mb_ss/, "$sse2_x86inc";
add_proto qw/int64_t vp9_block_error/, "const int16_t *coeff, const int16_t *dqcoeff, intptr_t block_size, int64_t *ssz";
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