Commit c8755105 authored by ltrudeau's avatar ltrudeau Committed by Luc Trudeau
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Simplified PVQ skip clipping to 1

Cherry-pick Daala da7896a7

Remove double negation and added a comment explaining that this is used
for visualization. This change does not alter the bitstream.

Change-Id: I2a01ed292cc5cfa4e1bfdbc08251da6bd2c27158
parent 346440bd
......@@ -271,7 +271,8 @@ static void pvq_decode_partition(aom_reader *r,
g = od_gain_expand(qcg, q0, beta);
pvq_synthesis(out, y, ref16, n, gr, *noref, g, theta, qm_inv, rshift);
*skip = !!*skip;
/* If OD_PVQ_SKIP_ZERO or OD_PVQ_SKIP_COPY, set skip to 1 for visualization */
if (*skip) *skip = 1;
/** Decodes a coefficient block (except for DC) encoded using PVQ
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