Commit cc7fac39 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Enable use_x86inc for 32bit pic enabled Darwin target

The previous patch "Fix issues in 32bit PIC enabled build" fixed
the x86inc.asm for macho32. Now we can enable use_x86inc while
building libvpx for 32bit pic enabled Darwin target, which makes
the encoder a lot faster(>2X) in this case by turning on the
existing optimizations.

Change-Id: I5f5c7add428d73f50c935c48d0a70aed2b1eb7af
parent 3b3e2996
......@@ -1250,8 +1250,7 @@ EOF
tgt_os_no_version=$(echo "${tgt_os}" | tr -d "[0-9]")
if [ "${tgt_os_no_version}" = "darwin" ] || \
[ "${tgt_os_no_version}" = "openbsd" ] || [ "`uname`" = "OpenBSD" ]; then
if [ "${tgt_os_no_version}" = "openbsd" ] || [ "`uname`" = "OpenBSD" ]; then
# Default use_x86inc to yes when we are 64 bit, non-pic, or on any
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