Commit cf688474 authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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cpplint issue extra line in decodemv.c

Change-Id: I29b5bbb9bed7296d0bf7d58ae1e78187ccdc5b34
parent 33c7ed44
......@@ -176,7 +176,6 @@ static void read_intra_frame_mode_info(VP9D_COMP *pbi, MODE_INFO *m,
static int read_mv_component(vp9_reader *r,
const nmv_component *mvcomp, int usehp) {
int mag, d, fr, hp;
const int sign = vp9_read(r, mvcomp->sign);
const int mv_class = treed_read(r, vp9_mv_class_tree, mvcomp->classes);
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