Commit d032a447 authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles Committed by Ralph Giles

Write av1 files as webm instead of mkv.

WebM is the intended container here. The recent rollup
of libwebm regressed the output doctype.

Change-Id: I6e9e41bb59abf20f451e5576a4822fe06eb80478
parent 7865349d
......@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ Description:
libwebm is used to handle WebM container I/O.
Local Changes:
* <none>
* Write out AV1 tracks as WebM.
......@@ -1708,6 +1708,7 @@ const char Tracks::kVorbisCodecId[] = "A_VORBIS";
const char Tracks::kVp8CodecId[] = "V_VP8";
const char Tracks::kVp9CodecId[] = "V_VP9";
const char Tracks::kVp10CodecId[] = "V_VP10";
const char Tracks::kAV1CodecId[] = "V_AV1";
const char Tracks::kWebVttCaptionsId[] = "D_WEBVTT/CAPTIONS";
const char Tracks::kWebVttDescriptionsId[] = "D_WEBVTT/DESCRIPTIONS";
const char Tracks::kWebVttMetadataId[] = "D_WEBVTT/METADATA";
......@@ -4163,15 +4164,15 @@ bool Segment::WriteFramesLessThan(uint64_t timestamp) {
bool Segment::DocTypeIsWebm() const {
const int kNumCodecIds = 9;
const int kNumCodecIds = 10;
// TODO(vigneshv): Tweak .clang-format.
const char* kWebmCodecIds[kNumCodecIds] = {
Tracks::kOpusCodecId, Tracks::kVorbisCodecId,
Tracks::kVp8CodecId, Tracks::kVp9CodecId,
Tracks::kVp10CodecId, Tracks::kWebVttCaptionsId,
Tracks::kWebVttDescriptionsId, Tracks::kWebVttMetadataId,
Tracks::kVp10CodecId, Tracks::kAV1CodecId,
Tracks::kWebVttCaptionsId, Tracks::kWebVttDescriptionsId,
Tracks::kWebVttMetadataId, Tracks::kWebVttSubtitlesId};
const int num_tracks = static_cast<int>(tracks_.track_entries_size());
for (int track_index = 0; track_index < num_tracks; ++track_index) {
......@@ -874,6 +874,7 @@ class Tracks {
static const char kVp8CodecId[];
static const char kVp9CodecId[];
static const char kVp10CodecId[];
static const char kAV1CodecId[];
static const char kWebVttCaptionsId[];
static const char kWebVttDescriptionsId[];
static const char kWebVttMetadataId[];
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