Commit d255f4c8 authored by Ryan Lei's avatar Ryan Lei
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enable loopfiltering_across_tiles by default as it has been adopted

this change enables loopfiltering_across_tiles by defualt after
it has been adopted. support in the deblocking filter and CDEF
filter has been implemented. a command line argument --tile-loopfilter
has beed added to enable (1) or disable (0) loop filter across
tile boundarys.

Change-Id: I6e55c32c35f23c2aedf6b6dfdab9238750b0cf34
parent f5dc71e7
......@@ -492,6 +492,7 @@ post_process_cmdline() {
soft_enable motion_var
soft_enable warped_motion
soft_enable ext_delta_q
soft_enable loopfiltering_across_tiles
# Backwards/jenkins compatibility with --enable-aom-highbitdepth
enabled aom_highbitdepth && enable_feature highbitdepth
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