Commit d2a74d6b authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan
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Add missing dependency to CMake test object libraries

The test libs omitted the dependency on aom.

Change-Id: I47fe769252151cf0bf81f245452e22512963c9fa
parent a56f916e
......@@ -327,13 +327,16 @@ endif ()
# exist before this function is called.
function (setup_aom_test_targets)
add_library(test_aom_common OBJECT ${AOM_UNIT_TEST_COMMON_SOURCES})
add_dependencies(test_aom_common aom)
add_library(test_aom_decoder OBJECT ${AOM_UNIT_TEST_DECODER_SOURCES})
add_dependencies(test_aom_decoder aom)
endif ()
add_library(test_aom_encoder OBJECT ${AOM_UNIT_TEST_ENCODER_SOURCES})
add_dependencies(test_aom_encoder aom)
endif ()
add_executable(test_libaom ${AOM_UNIT_TEST_WRAPPER_SOURCES}
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