Commit d3c526fb authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Fix an issue in set_refs()" into experimental

parents a3ec4cbd 01a3bd67
......@@ -924,6 +924,8 @@ static void set_refs(VP9D_COMP *pbi, int block_size, int mb_row, int mb_col) {
// Select the appropriate reference frame for this MB
const int second_fb_idx = cm->active_ref_idx[mbmi->second_ref_frame - 1];
const YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *second_cfg = &cm->yv12_fb[second_fb_idx];
xd->scale_factor[1] = cm->active_ref_scale[mbmi->second_ref_frame - 1];
xd->scale_factor_uv[1] = cm->active_ref_scale[mbmi->second_ref_frame - 1];
setup_pred_block(&xd->second_pre, second_cfg, mb_row, mb_col,
&xd->scale_factor[1], &xd->scale_factor_uv[1]);
xd->corrupted |= second_cfg->corrupted;
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