Commit d3f441c9 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Resolve codec issue between tile-groups and ext-refs

This fixes the coding failure when both tile-groups and ext-refs
are turned on. It clears the nightly-run unit test failure.

Change-Id: Idb67580ebe3ef625cf3ab18dcf7a274db4dacab3
parent 2ba3277a
......@@ -4061,6 +4061,13 @@ static uint32_t write_tiles(AV1_COMP *const cpi, uint8_t *const dst,
write_uncompressed_header(cpi, wb);
if (cm->show_existing_frame) {
total_size = aom_wb_bytes_written(wb);
return (uint32_t)total_size;
// Write the tile length code
tile_size_bytes_wb = *wb;
aom_wb_write_literal(wb, 3, 2);
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