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Moved DOUBLE_DIVIDE_CHECK to denominator (was on numerator)

The DOUBLE_DIVIDE_CHECK macro prevents from divide by 0,
so must be on the denominator to work as intended.

Change-Id: Ie109242d52dbb9a2c4bc1e11890fa51b5f87ffc7
parent 9f814634
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ int frame_max_bits(VP8_COMP *cpi)
// If we are running below the optimal level then we need to gradually tighten up on max_bits.
if (cpi->oxcf.end_usage == USAGE_STREAM_FROM_SERVER)
double buffer_fullness_ratio = (double)DOUBLE_DIVIDE_CHECK(cpi->buffer_level) / (double)cpi->oxcf.optimal_buffer_level;
double buffer_fullness_ratio = (double)cpi->buffer_level / DOUBLE_DIVIDE_CHECK((double)cpi->oxcf.optimal_buffer_level);
// For CBR base this on the target average bits per frame plus the maximum sedction rate passed in by the user
max_bits = (int)(cpi->av_per_frame_bandwidth * ((double)cpi->oxcf.two_pass_vbrmax_section / 100.0));
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