Commit d767bebd authored by Yushin Cho's avatar Yushin Cho
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Fix the missing init for ec-adapt with parallel tile decoding

Initializing the tile context from the frame context
was missing in decode_tiles_mt().

Change-Id: I7758377cae85f5cc8adedc01a3086104c10d507b
parent 07b1d38f
......@@ -3841,6 +3841,11 @@ static const uint8_t *decode_tiles_mt(AV1Decoder *pbi, const uint8_t *data,
daala_dec_init(cm, &twd->xd.daala_dec, &twd->bit_reader);
// Initialise the tile context from the frame context
twd->tctx = *cm->fc;
twd->xd.tile_ctx = &twd->tctx;
twd->xd.plane[0].color_index_map = twd->color_index_map[0];
twd->xd.plane[1].color_index_map = twd->color_index_map[1];
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