Commit dae280d5 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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Align structures in quantize test

MACROBLOCKD structures require alignment.

This fixes an issue caught by clang IOC.

Change-Id: Ibb5bcc122f531b4302a87e1144e4feaf46c1de64
parent 9c6ce43d
......@@ -69,9 +69,8 @@ class QuantizeTestBase {
// Copy macroblockd from the reference to get pre-set-up dequant values.
macroblockd_dst_ =
reinterpret_cast<MACROBLOCKD *>(
vpx_calloc(sizeof(*macroblockd_dst_), 1));
macroblockd_dst_ = reinterpret_cast<MACROBLOCKD *>(
vpx_memalign(32, sizeof(*macroblockd_dst_)));
vpx_memcpy(macroblockd_dst_, &vp8_comp_->mb.e_mbd,
// Fix block pointers - currently they point to the blocks in the reference
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