Commit dc5f7712 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang

Prevent encoder crash caused by row tile dependencies

In multi-thread case, the encoder may crash if using encoder option
tile-rows > 0. To prevent that, force tile-rows=0 in this situation.
This is a workaround for WebM issue 1095:

The further fix can be done by adding synchronizations after a tile
row is encoded. But this will hurt multi-threaded encoder performance.
So, it is recommended to use tile-rows=0 while encoding with threads
> 1.

Change-Id: I656cbcc200f8d0410d09530e7981ad8f32fe7bc9
parent bfc2a7e3
......@@ -486,7 +486,13 @@ static vpx_codec_err_t set_encoder_config(
oxcf->content = extra_cfg->content;
oxcf->tile_columns = extra_cfg->tile_columns;
oxcf->tile_rows = extra_cfg->tile_rows;
// The dependencies between row tiles cause error in multi-threaded encoding.
// For now, it is forced to be 0 in this case.
if (oxcf->max_threads > 1 && oxcf->tile_columns > 0)
oxcf->tile_rows = 0;
oxcf->tile_rows = extra_cfg->tile_rows;
oxcf->error_resilient_mode = cfg->g_error_resilient;
oxcf->frame_parallel_decoding_mode = extra_cfg->frame_parallel_decoding_mode;
......@@ -380,7 +380,8 @@ static const arg_def_t cpu_used_vp9 = ARG_DEF(
static const arg_def_t tile_cols = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "tile-columns", 1, "Number of tile columns to use, log2");
static const arg_def_t tile_rows = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "tile-rows", 1, "Number of tile rows to use, log2");
NULL, "tile-rows", 1,
"Number of tile rows to use, log2 (set to 0 while threads > 1)");
static const arg_def_t lossless = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "lossless", 1, "Lossless mode (0: false (default), 1: true)");
static const arg_def_t frame_parallel_decoding = ARG_DEF(
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