Commit dd8df163 authored by Ryan's avatar Ryan Committed by Ryan Lei
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fix one bug in the decoder header initization

1. seg->temporal_update flag is only read when seg->update_map flag is
set to 1 in the bit stream. in case update_map flag is different from frame
to frame, the temporal_update flag will not be reset to 0 when
update_map flag changed from 1 to 0. i.e, the previous temporal_update
flag will be used in the later process. in the read_inter_segment_id
function, temporal_update flag is used to read the segment id. it will
cause bit stream parsing error.

Change-Id: I663975bc84bbed7409d4f5dd1c1005480b2fbcf8
parent d38d5d20
......@@ -2655,6 +2655,7 @@ static void setup_segmentation(AV1_COMMON *const cm,
seg->update_map = 0;
seg->update_data = 0;
seg->temporal_update = 0;
seg->enabled = aom_rb_read_bit(rb);
if (!seg->enabled) return;
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