Commit dd9f5029 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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vp9_f(dct|ht): disable avx2 variants

tests failing under Win32/Win64

+ dct16x16_test: add missing avx2 functions (partially disabled)

exercises the forward transforms
no idct/iht implementations, so the c-code is used

Change-Id: I04f64a457fa0828a00f32b5c9fe4f55294f21f61
parent 5704578f
......@@ -606,4 +606,29 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(
make_tuple(&vp9_fdct16x16_c, &vp9_idct16x16_256_add_ssse3, 0)));
// TODO(jzern): these prototypes can be removed after the avx2 versions are
// reenabled in
extern "C" {
void vp9_fdct16x16_avx2(const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride);
void vp9_fht16x16_avx2(const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride,
int tx_type);
&vp9_idct16x16_256_add_c, 0)));
AVX2, Trans16x16HT,
make_tuple(&vp9_fht16x16_avx2, &vp9_iht16x16_256_add_c, 3)));
DISABLED_AVX2, Trans16x16HT,
make_tuple(&vp9_fht16x16_avx2, &vp9_iht16x16_256_add_c, 0),
make_tuple(&vp9_fht16x16_avx2, &vp9_iht16x16_256_add_c, 1),
make_tuple(&vp9_fht16x16_avx2, &vp9_iht16x16_256_add_c, 2)));
} // namespace
......@@ -739,7 +739,7 @@ add_proto qw/void vp9_fht8x8/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int strid
specialize qw/vp9_fht8x8 sse2 avx2/;
add_proto qw/void vp9_fht16x16/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride, int tx_type";
specialize qw/vp9_fht16x16 sse2 avx2/;
specialize qw/vp9_fht16x16 sse2/;
add_proto qw/void vp9_fwht4x4/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride";
specialize qw/vp9_fwht4x4/, "$mmx_x86inc";
......@@ -751,7 +751,7 @@ add_proto qw/void vp9_fdct8x8/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stri
specialize qw/vp9_fdct8x8 sse2 avx2/, "$ssse3_x86_64";
add_proto qw/void vp9_fdct16x16/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride";
specialize qw/vp9_fdct16x16 sse2 avx2/;
specialize qw/vp9_fdct16x16 sse2/;
add_proto qw/void vp9_fdct32x32/, "const int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int stride";
specialize qw/vp9_fdct32x32 sse2 avx2/;
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