Commit ddacf1cf authored by James Berry's avatar James Berry
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vp8e_get_preview fixed for resized frames

preview_img d_w and d_h along with w and h
would not be updated for resized frames.

now uses sd.y_width and sd.y_height

Change-Id: I52241de4cc1de5e73f865e668bd70a7cbd954390
parent eaadfb58
......@@ -912,8 +912,8 @@ static vpx_image_t *vp8e_get_preview(vpx_codec_alg_priv_t *ctx)
ctx->preview_img.x_chroma_shift = 1;
ctx->preview_img.y_chroma_shift = 1;
ctx->preview_img.d_w = ctx->cfg.g_w;
ctx->preview_img.d_h = ctx->cfg.g_h;
ctx->preview_img.d_w = sd.y_width;
ctx->preview_img.d_h = sd.y_height;
ctx->preview_img.stride[VPX_PLANE_Y] = sd.y_stride;
ctx->preview_img.stride[VPX_PLANE_U] = sd.uv_stride;
ctx->preview_img.stride[VPX_PLANE_V] = sd.uv_stride;
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