Commit e1210c6a authored by Adrian Grange's avatar Adrian Grange
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Removed redundant line.

Removed spurious line that has no effect.

Change-Id: I9dc90babbbfcaca049d4a40dc996edc7de123e01
parent 2b26cf17
......@@ -3597,7 +3597,6 @@ void vp8_rd_pick_inter_mode(VP8_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int recon_yoffset, int
vp8_clamp_mv2(&cur_mv[i], xd);
if (mv_check_bounds(x, &cur_mv[i]))
flag = 1;
mv_check_bounds(x, &cur_mv[i]);
x->e_mbd.mode_info_context->[i].as_int = cur_mv[i].as_int;
if (flag)
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