Commit e44678c0 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Enable recursive partition type search

This commit enables the search for the optimal superblock
partition types in the recursion form. The intention is to
make the optimization process more concise and ready to
support partition down to 4x4 block size next.

Change-Id: Iae279a67df3a7cc372553c84c775bc4d2f3e4336
parent 4305dd47
......@@ -811,12 +811,12 @@ static void decode_tile(VP9D_COMP *pbi, vp9_reader *r) {
int mi_row, mi_col;
for (mi_row = pc->cur_tile_mi_row_start;
mi_row < pc->cur_tile_mi_row_end; mi_row += 8) {
mi_row < pc->cur_tile_mi_row_end; mi_row += 64 / MI_SIZE) {
// For a SB there are 2 left contexts, each pertaining to a MB row within
vpx_memset(&pc->left_context, 0, sizeof(pc->left_context));
vpx_memset(pc->left_seg_context, 0, sizeof(pc->left_seg_context));
for (mi_col = pc->cur_tile_mi_col_start;
mi_col < pc->cur_tile_mi_col_end; mi_col += 8)
mi_col < pc->cur_tile_mi_col_end; mi_col += 64 / MI_SIZE)
decode_modes_sb(pbi, mi_row, mi_col, r, BLOCK_SIZE_SB64X64);
......@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ struct macroblock {
int optimize;
// Structure to hold context for each of the 4 MBs within a SB:
// when encoded as 4 independent MBs:
// TODO(jingning): Need to refactor the structure arrays that buffers the
// coding mode decisions of each partition type.
PICK_MODE_CONTEXT sb8_context[4][4][4];
PICK_MODE_CONTEXT sb8x16_context[4][4][2];
PICK_MODE_CONTEXT sb16x8_context[4][4][2];
......@@ -153,6 +153,10 @@ struct macroblock {
PICK_MODE_CONTEXT sb64_context;
BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE mb_partitioning[4][4];
BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE sb_partitioning[4];
BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE sb64_partitioning;
void (*fwd_txm4x4)(int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int pitch);
void (*fwd_txm8x4)(int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int pitch);
void (*fwd_txm8x8)(int16_t *input, int16_t *output, int pitch);
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