Commit e4d2c255 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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test_libvpx: disable pthreads in gtest for win targets

currently threading is internal to libvpx so thread safety is unneeded
in libgtest -- visual studio builds already operate in this way as they
do not have pthread.h available by default.

this removes an unconditional link to libpthread using $(extralibs)
should libvpx require it.

Change-Id: I2f278b711f533d0f4d8a6c896833e3e2237d1f45
parent a9e7243d
......@@ -682,6 +682,14 @@ process_toolchain() {
# iOS/ARM builds do not work with gtest. This does not match
# x86 targets.
# Some mingw toolchains don't have pthread available by default.
# Treat these more like visual studio where threading in gtest
# would be disabled for the same reason.
check_cxx "$@" <<EOF && soft_enable unit_tests
int z;
enabled pthread_h && check_cxx "$@" <<EOF && soft_enable unit_tests
int z;
......@@ -448,6 +448,10 @@ else
include $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/third_party/googletest/
GTEST_SRCS := $(addprefix third_party/googletest/src/,$(call enabled,GTEST_SRCS))
GTEST_OBJS=$(call objs,$(GTEST_SRCS))
ifeq ($(filter win%,$(TGT_OS)),$(TGT_OS))
# Disabling pthreads globally will cause issues on darwin and possibly elsewhere
$(GTEST_OBJS) $(GTEST_OBJS:.o=.d): CXXFLAGS += -I$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/third_party/googletest/src
$(GTEST_OBJS) $(GTEST_OBJS:.o=.d): CXXFLAGS += -I$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/third_party/googletest/src/include
......@@ -472,7 +476,7 @@ $(foreach bin,$(LIBVPX_TEST_BINS),\
lib$(CODEC_LIB)$(CODEC_LIB_SUF) libgtest.a ))\
$(if $(BUILD_LIBVPX),$(eval $(call linkerxx_template,$(bin),\
-L. -lvpx -lgtest -lpthread -lm)\
-L. -lvpx -lgtest $(extralibs) -lm)\
$(if $(LIPO_LIBS),$(eval $(call lipo_bin_template,$(bin))))\
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