Commit e4f98f67 authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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Turn on SIMD implementation of av1_fht32x32

Change-Id: Ie1bfece43c81ee5d149ed25c3f7fd959a8f95030
parent 3a88de8f
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ static void fwd_txfm_32x32(const int16_t *src_diff, tran_low_t *coeff,
av1_fwd_idtx_c(src_diff, coeff, diff_stride, 32, tx_type);
av1_fht32x32_c(src_diff, coeff, diff_stride, tx_type);
av1_fht32x32(src_diff, coeff, diff_stride, tx_type);
#if CONFIG_TX64X64
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