Commit ea3dd3aa authored by Pavel Frolov's avatar Pavel Frolov
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Setup sb_size when decoding intra_only frame

This fixes decoder's capability to start decoding
bitstream from non-KEY intra_only frame.


Change-Id: Iecd5add418590119f59a51acd7208eb08cb17042
parent 39bdf36a
......@@ -4803,6 +4803,7 @@ static size_t read_uncompressed_header(AV1Decoder *pbi,
pbi->refresh_frame_flags = aom_rb_read_literal(rb, REF_FRAMES);
setup_frame_size(cm, rb);
setup_sb_size(cm, rb);
if (pbi->need_resync) {
memset(&cm->ref_frame_map, -1, sizeof(cm->ref_frame_map));
pbi->need_resync = 0;
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