Commit edb76fe5 authored by Urvang Joshi's avatar Urvang Joshi
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Use integer division for x_step_q4 and y_step_q4

We replace the division by shifts using already calculated 'x_scale_fp'
and 'y_scale_fp'.

That way, hardware can do it on-the-fly instead using a set of
programmable registers.


Change-Id: I99d93dec5327e835ce288212ab75b8a75a8fe520
parent 4c69a1ac
......@@ -46,12 +46,9 @@ static int get_fixed_point_scale_factor(int other_size, int this_size) {
return ((other_size << REF_SCALE_SHIFT) + this_size / 2) / this_size;
static int get_coarse_point_scale_factor(int other_size, int this_size) {
// Calculate scaling factor once for each reference frame
// and use fixed point scaling factors in decoding and encoding routines.
// Hardware implementations can calculate scale factor in device driver
// and use multiplication and shifting on hardware instead of division.
return ((other_size << SCALE_SUBPEL_BITS) + this_size / 2) / this_size;
// Given the fixed point scale, calculate coarse point scale.
static int fixed_point_scale_to_coarse_point_scale(int scale_fp) {
// Note: x and y are integer precision, mvq4 is q4 precision.
......@@ -81,8 +78,8 @@ void av1_setup_scale_factors_for_frame(struct scale_factors *sf, int other_w,
sf->x_scale_fp = get_fixed_point_scale_factor(other_w, this_w);
sf->y_scale_fp = get_fixed_point_scale_factor(other_h, this_h);
sf->x_step_q4 = get_coarse_point_scale_factor(other_w, this_w);
sf->y_step_q4 = get_coarse_point_scale_factor(other_h, this_h);
sf->x_step_q4 = fixed_point_scale_to_coarse_point_scale(sf->x_scale_fp);
sf->y_step_q4 = fixed_point_scale_to_coarse_point_scale(sf->y_scale_fp);
if (av1_is_scaled(sf)) {
sf->scale_value_x = scaled_x;
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