Commit ede323a1 authored by hui su's avatar hui su

Specify feasible parameter values for lossless mode

Change-Id: I53d9719dcb81fa83fe3c920a552db5a0f1cacefa
parent 039f241f
......@@ -382,7 +382,7 @@ static const arg_def_t tile_cols = ARG_DEF(
static const arg_def_t tile_rows = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "tile-rows", 1, "Number of tile rows to use, log2");
static const arg_def_t lossless = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "lossless", 1, "Lossless mode");
NULL, "lossless", 1, "Lossless mode (0: false (default), 1: true)");
static const arg_def_t frame_parallel_decoding = ARG_DEF(
NULL, "frame-parallel", 1, "Enable frame parallel decodability features");
static const arg_def_t aq_mode = ARG_DEF(
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