Commit ee202beb authored by Zoe Liu's avatar Zoe Liu
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Update the PSNR/SSIM stats collection

When enabled, now the code is in fact effective to collect frame-
based psnr and ssim values.

Change-Id: Idc2349392ccd6c6dfae8fd9ac4638ceaa530fb5c
parent 8781828b
......@@ -6141,8 +6141,12 @@ static void compute_internal_stats(AV1_COMP *cpi, int frame_bytes) {
#if 0
FILE *f = fopen("q_used.stt", "a");
double y2 = psnr.psnr[1];
double u2 = psnr.psnr[2];
double v2 = psnr.psnr[3];
double frame_psnr2 = psnr.psnr[0];
fprintf(f, "%5d : Y%f7.3:U%f7.3:V%f7.3:F%f7.3:S%7.3f\n",
cpi->common.current_video_frame, y2, u2, v2,
cm->current_video_frame, y2, u2, v2,
frame_psnr2, frame_ssim2);
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