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Remove unfreed memory in

vp8_config doesn't need to be on the stack. Just use a local copy.

Change-Id: Ia241b1d87fd9422556d957f3ea43ad71eb5c414a
parent a04ed984
......@@ -55,10 +55,10 @@ class QuantizeTestBase {
// The full configuration is necessary to generate the quantization tables.
VP8_CONFIG *const vp8_config =
reinterpret_cast<VP8_CONFIG *>(vpx_calloc(sizeof(*vp8_config), 1));
VP8_CONFIG vp8_config;
vpx_memset(&vp8_config, 0, sizeof(vp8_config));
vp8_comp_ = vp8_create_compressor(vp8_config);
vp8_comp_ = vp8_create_compressor(&vp8_config);
// Set the tables based on a quantizer of 0.
vp8_set_quantizer(vp8_comp_, 0);
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