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Adjusting 8-tap filter + prelim edge pixel filter code.

Results with the new filter coefficients compared with the previous
versions are here: (derf) (HD)
Overall, the derf set improves by 0.94% with 8-tap filters while
the HD set improves by 0.58%.

Patch 1: resolving merge conflict

Change-Id: I09db0abdab7b08bb19f86d911de23d2123309748
parent 0930dde2
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......@@ -18,7 +18,15 @@
#define VP8_FILTER_WEIGHT 128
#define VP8_FILTER_SHIFT 7
/* whether to use a special filter for edge pixels */
extern const short vp8_bilinear_filters[8][2];
extern const short vp8_sub_pel_filters[8][INTERP_EXTEND*2];
extern const short vp8_sub_pel_filters_ns[64][4*EDGE_PIXEL_FILTER_EXTEND*EDGE_PIXEL_FILTER_EXTEND];
#endif //FILTER_H
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