Commit f06faea4 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick
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Fix compiler warning in block_rd_txfm

Patch a4817a6b added the sub8x8tx_in_gte8x8blk_in_plane0 variable, but
it's read in a block that doesn't exist if DISABLE_TRELLISQ_SEARCH is
true, causing a warning in the overnight "lv-map" unit tests.

Change-Id: I916b61957ffdad1ac7be38efd4051d266d4bd61c
parent 339cf93b
......@@ -1984,7 +1984,7 @@ static void block_rd_txfm(int plane, int block, int blk_row, int blk_col,
int64_t rd1, rd2, rd;
RD_STATS this_rd_stats;
int sub8x8tx_in_gte8x8blk_in_plane0 =
plane == 0 && plane_bsize >= BLOCK_8X8 &&
(tx_size == TX_4X4 || tx_size == TX_4X8 || tx_size == TX_8X4);
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