Commit f12d4b0c authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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Eanble warning of large stack size

This commit adds a compiler flag to gcc to warn stack size greater
than 300Kbytes.

Change-Id: I4bd0680de435373fc46bfd8d5b80a610dbaddad8
parent f8cb5a61
......@@ -657,6 +657,7 @@ process_toolchain() {
check_add_cflags -Wunused
check_add_cflags -Wsign-compare
check_add_cflags -Wlogical-op
check_add_cflags -Wstack-usage=307200
# Enabling the following warning (in combination with -Wunused above)
# for C++ generates errors in third_party code including googletest and
# libyuv. So enable it only for C code.
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