Commit f2e7b938 authored by Debargha Mukherjee's avatar Debargha Mukherjee
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Fix a out-of-bounds access issue


Change-Id: Icff4dc0b5aeb6f674044382307469d8a406080cb
parent cfc12f38
......@@ -11315,10 +11315,12 @@ PALETTE_EXIT:
bsize, mi_col, mi_row, 0)
zeromv[1].as_int = gm_get_motion_vector(&cm->global_motion[refs[1]],
zeromv[1].as_int = (refs[1] != NONE_FRAME)
? gm_get_motion_vector(&cm->global_motion[refs[1]],
bsize, mi_col, mi_row, 0)
: 0;
lower_mv_precision(&zeromv[0].as_mv, cm->allow_high_precision_mv);
lower_mv_precision(&zeromv[1].as_mv, cm->allow_high_precision_mv);
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