Commit f38fccee authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Johann Koenig
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Partially revert "nasm defaults to -Ox"

The -Ox check in still useful to avoid the version of nasm distributed
with Apple Xcode.

This reverts commit 29b0c186.

Change-Id: I9237791802267da708c3be8e5a83ca8d71e74afc
parent cec7ba10
......@@ -200,11 +200,17 @@ function (add_gas_asm_library lib_name asm_sources dependent_target)
endfunction ()
# Terminates generation if nasm found in PATH does not meet requirements.
# Currently checks only for presence of required object formats.
# Currently checks only for presence of required object formats and support for
# the -Ox argument (multipass optimization).
function (test_nasm)
execute_process(COMMAND ${AS_EXECUTABLE} -hf
OUTPUT_VARIABLE nasm_helptext)
if (NOT "${nasm_helptext}" MATCHES "-Ox")
"Unsupported nasm: multipass optimization not supported.")
endif ()
if (NOT "${nasm_helptext}" MATCHES "macho32")
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