Commit f4ce20c5 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu

Removed unnecessary type cast

Change-Id: I0f2d5155ec042e9b5cbe9a9d6b186b121ed7737f
parent 26c8e720
......@@ -2221,7 +2221,7 @@ static void calc_psnr(const YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *a, const YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *b,
psnr->samples[1 + i] = samples;
psnr->psnr[1 + i] = vp9_mse2psnr(samples, 255.0, (double) sse);
total_sse += (uint64_t)sse;
total_sse += sse;
total_samples += samples;
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