Commit f601f216 authored by Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar Sebastien Alaiwan Committed by Yaowu Xu
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Use 32-bit tran_low_t values for txmg experiment

The generic transforms (av1_fwd_txfm1d.c) require 32-bit coeffs.
Also, use 32-bit EXTRABIT values.
Fixes a memory corruption when --disable-lowbitdepth.


Change-Id: Id8a181702e5bed793b20a16a518eb8a1064f2a21
parent 4d5eb938
......@@ -572,6 +572,7 @@ post_process_cmdline() {
enabled new_multisymbol && enable_feature restrict_compressed_hdr
enabled mfmv && enable_feature frame_marker
enabled jnt_comp && enable_feature frame_marker
enabled txmg && enable_feature highbitdepth
if enabled rawbits && enabled ans; then
log_echo "rawbits requires not ans, so disabling rawbits"
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